Grabbing What’s at Hand When Sketching and Pushing a Drawing To See Where it Might Lead You

October 15, 2014

140604_womanPurpleLeft: Pentel brush pen and purple Zig marker on an 8.5 x 11 inch (approx.) sheet of Wave drawing paper.

I have been clearing out some files and thought I'd put up three sketches made in the past few months, from June to the present, showing the fun I've been having with the various Pentel Brush Pens and other markers and pens I have at hand and decide to pick up.

Lately I've been watching TV and I'll see someone who has an interesting face and I'll grab what's at hand and try to do memory drawings of that person's face. That's what these first two sketches are. The TV image has moved on and I'm trying to draw what I saw in those few seconds.


Left: A Piecemeal Style sketch (using two pieces of 8.5 x 11 inch Canson Mi Tientes, taped with Washi tape).


I have to say that I'm typically NOT successful in creating a portrait a mother might use to recognize her child, but I often end up with interesting editing choices.

And I always enjoy the movement of the pen across the paper.

140919_RedMarkerMaleLeft: This is a doodle made with a fine-tipped Montana Marker (red). I then added yellow Bienfang watercolor pen and a metallic blue Lyra color pencil. The sketch was made on white paper, cut out, and glued to an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of Canson Mi Tientes.

Sometimes at the end of day I just want to doodle and play with features or think about how I might use other types of media to make different lines. These sketches are ones that I like to cut out and use for collage. You can see me do a lot of this in my "Weirdo Journal" (there's a video at this link).

You can read more about my whole process in the weirdo journal at this compendium page from October and November 2009.

People ask me all the time why I save sketches that probably aren't worth saving, and sure aren't pretty to look out. And why I then collage them into my journal.

Maybe it's a sort of ecology or economy?

I think probably it is nothing more than a desire to continue an experiment. If a sketch is already not quite working why not go ahead and push it in some additional way. In the process you must might find an approach that you really like.

I hope you'll try pushing some of your "failed" sketches this week and see what you learn about the way you make choices, the way you might save yourself with certain choices, the way any 2 or 3 media can be used together to create a look or approach that is perhaps interesting to investigate further, and how collaging with your own materials is more fun than collaging with materials you find and collect.

The next fun approach in the evolution of your style might just be one pushed drawing away.


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