I Start a New Sketchbook

November 15, 2020


If the above video doesn’t run you can view it here.

I’m not connected to Hahnemühle in a paid capacity, but I sure do enjoy working in their Travel Journal.

On the 27th of September I started a new sketchbook that is a favorite type and size to me.

In this very short video I unwrap a new one and show you some sketches on this paper.

My point is two fold.

Do some sketching today.

Sketch on paper that you love and enjoy so that you’re sure to do some sketching today.

Get busy. Right now. Sketch.

    • Melinda Bilecki
    • November 16, 2020

    Thank you, Roz. I’ve been away from online art for awhile, so I’m catching up. This post reminds me why you are one of my very favorite people in the world whom I don’t actually know.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for coming back to check out the blog. Be sure to see the previous post from Nov. 2 as it has a gallery of fun stuff from my Inktober project.

      I’m glad I’m one of your favorite people you don’t actually know—but since you read my blog you really do.

      Make some sketches today.

        • Melinda Bilecki
        • November 16, 2020

        Yep, saw that post! Amazing stuff!! 🙂

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