In Context: A Show, a Sketch, a Note

August 5, 2019


I hate it when a show has only a season. I don’t seem to stop myself from watching.

Then when there are no more episodes I’m hooked, but bereft.

This happened was going to happen with this show, so I stopped early.

One of the many wonky sketches I did in April when I still had a lot of eye pain.

This pen and ink wash sketch in is a Hahnemühle Travel book.

    • Elizabeth A. Trembley
    • August 5, 2019

    Hooked and bereft. I totally get it. I felt this way even after three seasons of Pushing Daisies. I wish someone would finish that show….

    1. Reply

      I feel the same way about “Pushing Daisies.” I’m pretty sure it was a writer’s strike casualty. As was “Life” with Damian Lewis—they did get to patch a hustled ending on to that show and produced one of the most memorable moments in television just at the end.

      I wanted more “Terriers” too, but we’ll always have that first episode where Donal Logue sums up love and loss in one look (can’t say more without a spoiler alert.)

      Sometimes shows end very sadly because actors die. A show will die or continue in a way that might not work. (I’m sure there’s an exception to this, I can’t think of one right now.)

      So maybe we just have to always be happy with the little bits. That’s what I’m thinking today.

      I’m glad Longmire got picked up and was allowed to “finish” on Netflix but Netflix can’t save every show.

      But maybe they could pick up with “Terriers” ten years on, and finish “Pushing Daisies.”

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