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April 24, 2019
A lined journal, pages approx. 7 x 8 inches. Some collaged decorative paper, collaged text, and notes. Ink wash is comfort food for me. (Writo in the text paragraph above “Breathe,” fourth line from the top, is “no teaching need.” Pentel brush pen and ink wash; with a little smudge of white gouache to remove the gray of the collage paper from Shaw’s beard, and to lighten those eyebrows. Eyebrows, beards, ears, and lined paper— more comfort food. (Update: 8 a.m. On rereading this before posting on Facebook I realized those who don’t know me might not realize how self-mocking my handwritten text is. Thankfully most of my journals will never be read, so this is not the huge problem it could be.)
    • egl
    • April 24, 2019

    What ink did use for the washes? Are you using the dye-based Color Brush and living with the eventual fading?

    1. Reply

      I used a Pentel brush pen for the ink lines in sketch and lettering and a dye-based ink pen for the washes. The packaging from the current vendor says Pentel ArtBrush, but it’s what also goes by ColorBrush.(Another ink pen was used for the smaller text.) It’s personal work, not commercial, so I’m unconcerned about issues of lightfastness and fading.

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