In Context: Just Got To Sketch

August 21, 2017
5 x 5 inch square of Kraft Brown Stonehenge, front and back side shown in one image. Attached to a page in my journal with a paper hinge (see right and left sides; center paper strip added just to separate the pages in this view. Lots of quick sketches from different photos on Sktchy. Not able to settle on anything because my eyes aren’t adjusting to my glasses, but I wanted to sketch. On the left there is one large face behind everything sharing an eye with the dog who is emerging, and there are also sketches you’ll see if you turn it 90 clockwise. On the right there is one large dog sketch behind everything and then people and dogs.



    • Sharon Nolfi
    • August 22, 2017

    How does the hinge work? I can’t tell where it has been attached to your sketchbook page. I want to use this technique as I want to incorporate some sketches done on loose sheets into my sketchbook. Thanks.

    1. Reply

      Sharon, crunch time right now. Seems hard to find easy words. I’ll do a short video after labor day when things let up here.

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