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August 29, 2014


Above: Large man who now has his own reality show, seen on a commercial I didn't watch so you're on your own. The scan looks a little lavender, but the page is actually brilliant white. Click on the imag to view an enlargement.

This sketch wraps up Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook week. It's not an actor from "The Closer" as the caption explains. I just loved the outline he created.

The page spread is in a 9 x 12.5 inch Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook (Master) so this is a really, really large sketch.  

Earlier in the week I mentioned that the surface drag on this paper made me want to stop and hatch and here it made me want to stipple in all that 5 o'clock shadow. I just love that crisp line on this paper. I'm sure my mother is right—I'm just shallow. Giddy but shallow.

This short post is brought to you by my need to save my hands and shoulders for sketching at the Minnesota State Fair. I'll be back to writing volumes before you know it—in fact if all goes well I'll have a couple journal flip-throughs coming up for you.

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    These posts are like brief excerpts from a graphic novel: sense of character is so strong. That is one reason drawing from TV is such great practice if you pick a show that has ” good” lighting. I like to do value sketches so dramas that have a sense of natural light work best for me: DOWNTON ABBEY ( really any masterpiece theater stuff is good ) and lately I have been liking ” THE BRIDGE “. MAD MEN is good as well, for dramatic lights on faces.
    Thoroughly enjoying these posts, particularly seeing how you can create such a great sense of presence often only using line.

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    Ellen the line quality on this paper is so crisp I can see why you say that. Perry Mason is still my favorite for TV sketching. It has great lighting. I stopped watching Downton when Anna (well you either know or I won’t spoil it). It was too much for me. I’m not usually squeamish but she was my favorite character. I haven’t looked at Mad Men. I’ll have to check them out.


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