Some Quick Gouache Faces

April 10, 2013

130108M_redGouacheManLeft: Red Schmincke gouache on Stonehenge paper. (8.5 x 11 inches.)

I was a face sketching machine at the beginning of this year, trying to get ready for the annual portrait party. Sadly I missed the party due to illness but I'm buried in faces and have many I want to share with you still.

Both of the images in today's post were done with direct sketching using a brush and leftover gouache (i.e., gouache put out for another painting session and left to dry, spritzed with water and used).

Both are also before I got sick. 

I think they are fun because of their looseness but also because I can see I'm searching for the facial structure and the shapes.

Both men are character actors I saw on episodes of Perry Mason, because on each of these nights no live models could be found! (And there are a gazillion episodes of Perry!)

130114F_loosegouacheLeft: red, blue, and a little bit of white (tinting the blue) Schmincke gouache in a direct brush sketch on Richeson Recycled watercolor paper. (8.5 x 11 inches)

If you want to work with a brush in your sketching but you find that the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen's rich black lines are a little too strident for your mood on a particular day, look down at your palette and see what else you can use. These experiments can lead you in fun, new directions. And because you're using gouache you can paint over stuff (more carefully than I have if that matters to you). Go have some fun with gouache.

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