Roz and Her Eyes

May 11, 2011

RozEyeDoctor3654 Left: These are the glasses that I want to have. My eye doctor told me Devo wore them in a 1980s video (you'll have to find them I couldn't find a link).

Last week I went back to the eye doctor. My eyes are settling down and soon I'll have new glasses! But to test things out lenses were put in this device. Don't you love it!?

Later with friends, someone saw the image in my journal as I was opening it to sketch.

Someone (I don't remember who spoke first): Are you going to change that to your Facebook photo?

R: NO! I love that photo. I think my Facebook photo is the best photo anyone has ever taken of me.

TW: But you can't see your eyes in it.
["it" being my current Facebook photo]

R: So what, it's great; it's ME.

TW: But…

M [laughing]: You're missing the point, it's the attitude! You can see the attitude.

[Everybody laughing.]

R [laughing almost hysterically]: Of course it would be my former boss who understood that!

UPDATE: My friend Tom found a video interview with Devo that shows the glasses. I won't be adopting plastic hair!

    • Miss T
    • May 11, 2011

    Love those glasses! Very steampunk.

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    Having just recently (like the last 6 or so months) been following you and your wonderful art journaling and being an FB friend…that photo always makes me giggle. Seeing your Strathmore vids..I am sure you have to be more serious. Wish I lived closer to attend some of your museum sketching/journaling sessions.

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    I’m much more serious in the Strathmore videos than I am in person, because 1. they were for a company, and 2. time constraints. I just had to stop myself from all my normal asides and tangents. Friends have quite the giggle when they watch the Strathmore videos, “Oh, this is where she wants to say something else…Oh, there it is again.”

    You can play spot the tell!

    Conversely I’m very, very serious when I sketch in public. (Well there are a couple exceptions—France being one.)

    For me, when you’re out and about sketching you have to focus on sketching. Socializing and chatting comes afterwards.

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    Of course, I had to look you up on FB to see your photo. 🙂 What is that thing on your head in that one? I don’t recognize it. I do like that smile, though!

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    Melisa, in my Facebook account photo I’m wearing a magnifying headset. Something artists of all sorts wear when doing close work. You can get them in art supply catalogs, and also in scientific lab supply type catalogs. If you do any close work you really need one. I used to do a lot of ink illustrations with fine stippling. And to add details to my rocks and birds…well nothing is better.

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    Those glasses remind me of the movie, The City of Lost Children.

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    LOL I love this! You remind me of the woman I created in a steampunk digital collage. It’s on my blog

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    Eva, fun steampunk digital collage! I hope that your cataract surgery went well and was successful!

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