Project Journal Infiltration: Ruth Smith Update

March 31, 2011

See the whole post for details.


Above: the note side of one of Ruth Smith's journal postcards, with a sketch of me for Project Journal Infiltration! Ruth sketched me as I showed the MCBA Visual Journal Collective how to make a paper case for our journal zines. ©2011 Ruth Smith. Click on the image to view an enlargment; read the post for more details on Ruth's postcard journal project.

I recently received this scan of a sketch of me. It isn't in a journal actually, but it is a journal entry, because the artist, Ruth Smith, has been keeping a journal as a series of postcards. Read what she has to say about her project:

Finally I had spontaneous inspiration to sketch you into my journal—I've been infiltrated.  I collect postcards and had started a personal "Postcards Journal Project" with the aim of sending myself a postcard a day as part of my own journaling process for a month.  I often catch myself skipping a day or two and then writing long entries that sometimes lack the spontenaity of the day. As the fog of time creeps into the richness of what the day was I feel I loose a lot of what I had hoped to capture. My idea is to have a book of postcards constantly at hand and to be more spontaneous about capturing a couple of moments of a day. I've had mixed success with capturing what I was aiming for.  But, as with sketching daily, I find I am improving a bit each day; and like sketching, I treasure the small successes.

Attached is the postcard and my sketch of you showing us the steps of creating the Journal Zine box at MCBA last Monday.  I need to figure out how display arm motion better…practice, practice, practice.

I love that Ruth has come up with a way to keep capturing the spontaneous moments of her day. It is novel, and it combines several of her interests at the same time. I think that increases the success factor. Besides, it's just plain fun. We all enjoy getting mail!

If you are frustrated that your spontaneous observations aren't making their way into your journal look at the process from outside with a fresh eye as Ruth has done. Combine a couple things you love doing! 

Thank you Ruth for sharing your fun project, and also for participating in my project—Project Journal Infiltration. I love your sketch of me and the moving arms!

  1. Reply

    Does Ruth have a blog or web site? If so would she like to share it with us? I would like to see more of her postcard journal. It is a grand but simple idea!


    • anne
    • March 31, 2011

    I LOVE the postcard idea!
    does Ruth “post” these online?

  2. Reply

    Chris and Anne, nope, Ruth doesn’t have a website/blog.

  3. Reply

    And then she has the fun of seeing it a second time when the mail comes in. It’s different but sounds like fun.

    • Miss T
    • April 1, 2011

    Great idea for a journal, and I love the simplicity of her sketch.

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