The Alternative Tim Jennens

June 20, 2010

Tim Jennen has a fantastic project going on. You need to check it out!

32558_1496515058946_1416187191_31367907_3275055_n Left: One of the "alternative Tim Jennens" from Jennen's Facebook page.

Given my love of fake journals and my habit of designing fake book covers, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am thoroughly taken with Tim Jennen's venture into creating alternative selves for himself. They are fantastically fun, funny, and well thought out (full of tidbits of history, culture, and wishful—expansive—thinking from his eclectic brain). I hope that Tim continues to discover and invent more alternative selves we can enjoy.

You can view his growing list of alternative selves on his Facebook page "Tim Jennen's Photos—Alternative Tim Jennens." (Not on Facebook?  Well join just so you can see these!)

Tim is one of the extremely helpful folks at Wet Paint. He puts together their website and does a thousand other things I can't even name—yet he always finds a moment to share a great movie tip with me. I can't wait until he's on the cover of Variety, having just won an Oscar for…

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