Bracelet Give Away Alert!

February 10, 2010

Ricë has one of my bracelets up on the give away block! Check it out.

My friend Ricë Freeman-Zachery is giving away one of my bracelets over at Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. If you want to go directly to the bracelet give away click here.

I know some of you have asked about my jewelry and now you have a chance to go and win a piece. I had to let you know right away. (I mentioned in a comment on her blog that I think the bracelet is about 7 inches in circumference. It fits my wrist and hangs down a bit, or so I recall. A handy jewelry maker sort of person could simply add an extender chain, or shift one of the dangling beads into the row to extend it that way!) Yes I braided that purple and orange wire!

Also, there are some very cool small journals in little bags from Teesha Moore that are part of another give away post. Really, you need to go and check this out.

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    • Ricë
    • February 11, 2010

    Thanks for helping spread the word!

    • Roz
    • February 11, 2010

    You bet Ricë, I hope it finds a happy home.

  1. Reply

    Wonderful give-away Roz, and the perfect link to two of the best blogs I love to follow. May I ask a question? Some time ago you explained how you fold your pages and put them into signatures so that each opposite pair of pages has the same surface. Does that make sense? I can’t figure out where to look in your categories. I know I should be able to work it out for myself but you put it so clearly…

    • Roz
    • February 12, 2010

    Carol you want

    I find that if I search—”rozwoundup”, “keywords”—then I usually find what I’m looking for if I can’t find it in the categories right away. In this case—”rozwoundup”,”Tearing”—worked for me.

    Book arts is rather a big category on my blog.

    Hope it helps. It’s easy if you just think of it logically, when you have the paper in front of you. And don’t answer the phone!!!

    • Roz
    • February 12, 2010

    Carol, I just discovered that
    “rozwoundup”, “Nideggen”
    would also get you there. But that supposes you remembered the paper that I was discussing for the tearing.

  2. Reply

    Thanks so much Roz, “tearing” just didn’t occur to me. I’ll investigate now.

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