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It’s Not All Sketching at The Fair for Roz

See the post for complete details.

More about Gigapans of the Bell Museum Dioramas

Photographer Tom Nelson has been busy creating more Gigapans of the dioramas at the Bell Museum of Natural History on the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. These highly detailed panoramic photographs will get you up close and personal with the taxidermy in the natural history displays as well as the background scene painting—much of which […]


Up Close and Personal at the Bell Museum of Natural History—While at Home!

See the full post for details on where to view these new panoramas of the Bell Museum Jaques dioramas. The detail allows you to get up close and personal.

Sketch-UP Captured in Gigapans!

Photographer Tom Nelson takes stunning panaramas of downtown St. Paul while on the Sketch-UP. Check out his gigapan site.

Gigapanning With Tom

More short videos from my gigapanning trip to Como with Tom.

Como Town, St. Paul

Tom and I visit Como Town.

Gigapan—An Adventure in Panoramas!

Thursday I spent time with photographer Tom Nelson who is working with the "Gigapan" device and software to create stunning, highly detailed panoramas. The above, sixty second video from my little "still" camera shows the device, attached to one of his cameras, in action: automatically moving the camera to take the necessary shots to create […]

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