Sketch-UP Captured in Gigapans!

March 4, 2010

Photographer Tom Nelson takes stunning panaramas of downtown St. Paul while on the Sketch-UP. Check out his gigapan site.

Remember I wrote that the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's Sketch-Up on February 28 was on the 22nd floor of the Crowne Plaza in Downtown St. Paul? And remember that I wrote about Tom Nelson taking Gigapans at the Sketch-UP? Well the images are all meshed and up at Nelson's Gigapan site.

Go here to see Downtown St. Paul looking west with a view of the Mississippi River. Look to the left in this image and you'll see the St. Paul Cathedral sitting off in the distance and beyond that you'll see the Minneapolis skyline.

Go here to see Downtown St. Paul looking east, with a different view of the Mississippi River, the First Bank building (which was prominently featured in many sketches), the lift bridge (so many sketchers drew this too), and the downtown airport.

And if you go here you'll see the Mississippi River and West St. Paul, looking across Raspberry Island Regional Park.

Now these aren't your normal panaramic photographs. With Gigapans you can click on an area of the image and enlarge and enlarge and see tons of detail—things Tom probably didn't even see himself until he got the images all together!

You don't have to be a member of the Gigapan site to view these images. If you want to leave comments you will need to set up a free account. But you should do that anyway—that way you can find your own snapshots for other people to click on and enjoy in the broader picture.

Now you know what kept us entralled for three and a half hours! (And check out some of the other cool Gigapans Tom has on his site while you're at it—ice sculptures, Art Shanties, swim meets…)

Have fun. Sketch often. Always have a professional photographer on hand! Thank you Tom!

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    Those are incredible images!!! I can’t believe I could zoom in close enough to see footprints in snow! (If I’m wrong, don’t tell me….it would spoil the fun!) I wish he’d bring his gigapan to Western Washington….

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