More about Gigapans of the Bell Museum Dioramas

February 25, 2011

Photographer Tom Nelson has been busy creating more Gigapans of the dioramas at the Bell Museum of Natural History on the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus.

These highly detailed panoramic photographs will get you up close and personal with the taxidermy in the natural history displays as well as the background scene painting—much of which is by Frances Lee Jaques.

If you don't live near the Bell Museum now at least you can visit and vicariously enjoy some of the exhibits thanks to Tom's fabulous work. I hope you'll enjoy these images so much that you'll consider supporting the Bell Museum with a donation or membership.

Of course, if you live in the area, you can join us in person on the first Thursday of the month for Bell Museum Sketch Night.

Now you have two wonderful ways to experience some of the Bell's wonderful exhibits which are both educational and artistic. 

Here is the list of Gigapans of Tom Nelson's Bell Museum Diorama Gigapans:

Grebes, Buffalofish, Carp
Owl and Songbirds
Sandhill Cranes
Tundra Swans
Snow Geese
Cormorant (check out those feet)
Warblers/Big Woods

Put on some recordings of north woods song birds or wolf calls and enjoy your exploration.

    • Miss T
    • February 25, 2011

    Fabulous! Thanks for the links.

    • Frank Bettendorf
    • February 25, 2011

    Great stuff! Getting to see the magnified brush strokes is a useful teaching and learning experience. Thank Tom for creating these. I appreciate his contribution.

    • Carolyn
    • February 25, 2011

    I love how the the owl and songbirds disappear into their surroundings.

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