Gigapan—An Adventure in Panoramas!

June 13, 2009

Thursday I spent time with photographer Tom Nelson who is working with the "Gigapan" device and software to create stunning, highly detailed panoramas. The above, sixty second video from my little "still" camera shows the device, attached to one of his cameras, in action: automatically moving the camera to take the necessary shots to create the panorama. Shots are then stitched together with proprietary software. (If the embedded video doesn't show up see it here on You Tube.)

[Note: yes, he gets cut off in mid-sentence. I tried to trim this, but hey, it just made it worse. This is video-making of the low-tech kind, just laugh!]

Tom has posted some of his panoramas on the Gigapan site. See the Kurth Grain Elevator in gorgeous detail (I forgot how many megapixels this is, but it is huge, close to a trillion I think!) You can move about in the image and even take snapshots of interesting bits that will serve as bookmarks for later viewers.

For the complete list of Tom's panoramas go here.

Tom assured me that even my little Optios could be hooked up to the Gigapan and it could take the necessary shots. (If you're thinking of getting this device and software note that computers must have an Intel processor, so for Mac folks that's only the new Macs.)

    • Chris
    • June 13, 2009

    If you like the GigaPan try this out

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