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“It’s Carl Week” of Course!

See the full post for details.


More From the In-Studio Journal: Dog Sketches

Above: A 9 x 12 inch spread from my in-studio Fabriano Venezia Journal. Read more below. One of the reasons I'm keeping the in-studio 9 x 12 inch journal is that I'm enjoying working large. Another reason is that it's there and I wanted to use it up. Yet another reason is that I wanted […]


I’m Broken—People and the Pen “Dilemma”

See the post for a couple images and discussion of finding a pen that works, and a bunch of other stuff that I rant about.


Finding a Line Quickly—Deciding What Pen to Use

Full post is a brief discussion of selecting a pen for line quality, but also selecting lines on a face to actually draw.


OK Sometimes You Have To Keep Sketching Dogs Too!

The full post is about taking a dog-break.


Some Painting and Collage for Monday

Post contains thoughts on a recent collage made of two sketches.


Gouache Pears and Collage with Patterned Paper

Gouache painting and collage with some patterned papers.


What My Blog Readers Are Reading

Results of a “what other blogs do you read” survey.


A Weirdo Journal

Journal with Magnani Annigoni Designo paper.


Indoor Dog Park Action Plan


Above: journal sketch I made from one of the photos I took at the indoor dog park at the Metrodome. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Holbein gouache. I was using Holbein gouache because I have some I'm trying to use up on my studio palette, and because, as I say on another journal page not shown in this post, "I wanted garrish colors." l also wanted heavy opacity. This journal page had a text page from a mystery book pre-pasted across the gutter and the quotation was something I wrote down at lunch, but it does work well with the image in a weird kind of way! The journal pages are about 6.5 inches square. Click on the image for an enlargment. (If you are able to read my writing on this page you'll see that the snow storm we had on Monday meant the postponement of a class I was teaching and I ended up painting five page spreads in the "extra" 2 hours.)

Yes there were bright lights, fast movement, and lots of noise at the indoor dog park the other day. And yes I didn’t get anything resembling a finished drawing. But now I have a plan! I am practicing before the next date: February 3 (6 to 9 p.m.; people are free, $1.00 for a dog).

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