Clearing Things Away

June 29, 2015

140916_ManwithWashLeft: 12 x 18 inch loose sheet journal sketch on drawing paper which buckled (hence the shadows in the scan). Sepia Pentel ColorBrush (watersoluble, dye-based ink), black Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (waterproof pigment ink), and watercolor pencil (blue), diluted with 2-inch flat (wide, and on edge).

I've been spending some time trying to clear things away so I can have some of my work spaces back. I spent time in May and early June framing paintings for shows. Some things didn't get sorted they just got shifted. Now I'm sorting.

I found this piece from last fall and thought I would share it here. I was having a discussion with a friend about the different media I like to use and why. To make my points I was scribbling this imaginary face at the same time.

I convinced him about the PPBP, but the sepia brush pen with fugitive ink scared him. 

I think I left this out because I wanted to find a way to do more of this but control it. The intervening months have taken me in a lot of other directions. I think if there were going to be birds at the Minnesota State Fair this year I would have worked one day like this (out of my usual five trips). Instead I'll have to give this a go at life drawing. I keep hoping to get back to life drawing and them something comes up—CR has had two hospital stays in the past 4 weeks but they've been very short; there's a lot that modern medicine can't tell you, even if you want answers.

Back I go to clearing things away. And speaking of the MN State Fair, I guess it's time to think about my journal for the event. Maybe it's time to go with loose cards again. If birds were going to be there I would be focused and ready to decide. With the poultry exhibits closed because of Avian Flu, it's time to clear out these thoughts from my head and get going on a new plan. Horses? Llamas? Goats? I might just sit under a tree and sketch people.

I hope you're clearing away things and making space for your creative work. And most of all I hope you're getting your plan together for sketching at the Minnesota State Fair. 

The SEVENTH MINNESOTA STATE FAIR SKETCH OUT is Tuesday, September 1, 2015!

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    No birds?!!! Vote for goats. They do some funny things and aren’t always standing square on four legs.

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