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Charlie Maguire Performance Saturday, March 14, 2015

Left: Charlie Maguire caught before a performance. Photo: COMPAS. Singer-songwriter Charlie Maguire will perform at the Ginkgo Coffeehouse on Saturday, March 14, at 8 p.m. He's celebrating forty years of songwriting (and will be debuting a new song). Plan to be there to hear it and his other great songs. Tickets:, or (651) 645-2647.  


Up Close and Personal at the Bell Museum of Natural History—While at Home!

See the full post for details on where to view these new panoramas of the Bell Museum Jaques dioramas. The detail allows you to get up close and personal.


Roz Needs a Dog Model

This post explains my latest search for a model.


Snow Piles: A Fact of Life Revisited

Sketching snow piles during the melt.


Twin Cities Life Drawing Co-ops

Links to life-drawing co-op opportunities in the Twin Cities area.

Working on Cityscapes

I just posted a sketch on Urban Sketchers Twin Cities, that I did at the East River Flats, looking back towards the 94W/E Bridge. When I go for my walks, especially when it has been hot (anything over 75 is hot for me, but we've been getting some 80s), I don't like to take my […]

Art Shanty Update

While I've been busy catching up on my bookbinding (now that my finger is healed to non-bandage stage) someone has been busy going to visit the Art Shanties I told you about in a Mail Art Call, and there are photos posted at "A Closer Look at Flyover Land." The blog seems to be written […]

Mail Art Call: Art on Ice

No illustration today. I had a run in with an X-acto blade while making signs for the show opening today: Richard Crammer—Into the Forest of Flowers; I hope you all show up and see the exquisite work of this fine artist, and dearly missed friend. The show is all hung and it is stunning.

So instead of sketching and typing, my friend Mimi sent me this interesting news that I had to share with you…

The Art Shanty Projects 2009
In Minnesota we do things a little differently, perhaps it's the cold. Anyway now you don't have to live in Minneapolis to enjoy and participate in some of our fun-filled cold weather plans. You can send mail art. To read about what the Art Shanty Projects is go to the link I've provided. I went last year and it's a lot of fun to visit all the shanties and talk to the artists. Be careful walking on the ice!

A Mail Art Show
Hosted by: The ArtPost Shanty: The Official Postal Shanty of the Art Shanty Projects 2009
January 17-February 14, 2009


Indoor Dog Park—Whose Idea Was this Again?


Above: My first page of sketches at the indoor dog park at the Twin Cities Metrodome. The journal is about 7 inches square. If you want to see the verso page of this spread check out Twin Cities Sketchers for January 7, 2009, where I suck it up and sketch a car. Click to view an enlarged version. Note: the dog in the center of the page, head only is not sniffing the drinking dog's butt, though there was plenty of butt sniffing going on. This is just one of those odd overlaps that happens when you are making lots and lots of gesture drawings and not looking at your paper much! What am I happy about in all these random strokes? The dog drinking water. I got a good sense of him. And the dog lower right, a sweet little brown mixed breed. Shy. I have a sense of her; enough to do a painting. End of page one and I'm not unhappy I came.

Last month my friend Linda told me about the indoor dog park at the Metrodome. We didn't find out in time to go however. But I had plans to go in January and  I asked other folks to come along with me. Seems it wasn't to be a crowd or sketchers, but the Avidors were game; we agreed to meet there.

I’m Cross Posting? No—Guest Posting

If you want to see an image for this post, and if you can't wait for tomorrow's daily post, here is an extra post from me, posted at Ken and Roberta Avidor's Twin Cities Sketcher Blog, where I am allowed (gasp) to guest post. (You'd think I was given a key to to the launch […]

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