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James Michael Lawrence: An Unusual Retrospective

Left: A montage of collaged images, all ©James Michael Lawrence. Click on the image for an enlarged view. Review=Reflect=Recycle • James Michael Lawrence • An Unusual Retropective is the new show set to open at the Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis. (3441 Cedar Ave. South, Minneapolis; phone 612.722.2321) The show runs from January 9 through […]


A Visit to Dodge Nature Center

I'm going to say something about the image above, but first an explanation: Monday a friend met me at Dodge Nature Center for a little tour. She's on the board and her children went to the preschool there, and she thought I should see the place. We were able to go into the barn and see the animals—normally you'd have to be on a tour. And of course we took a little time to sketch.


The Peak of the Season


I live in the best place in the world. I might not say this if you asked me when I’m standing in a field in the summer humidity swatting at hungry, insistent mosquitoes, or picking ticks off my thighs, but in fall and winter I’ll definitely say it.

Fall has been exceptionally beautiful this year. Almost every other day brief rain storms retreat leaving clear skies, a variety of clouds, and striking light. You begin to feel just a little bit spoilt with day after day of spectacular sunsets. But you can enjoy it all the same.

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