Art Shanty Update

January 25, 2009

While I've been busy catching up on my bookbinding (now that my finger is healed to non-bandage stage) someone has been busy going to visit the Art Shanties I told you about in a Mail Art Call, and there are photos posted at "A Closer Look at Flyover Land." The blog seems to be written by Amy Rea, and if you scroll down to her January 21 post you'll see photos of the Art Shanty Projects. Of course if you are in the Twin Cities you should get over there and see it in person, but if you aren't nearby, well now you can get an idea of the type of fun we have up here in the cold!

While you're at this blog you should check out the Mort's Deli entry. I think I have to go and get myself one of those Reuben's!

Have you sent your mail art in to the Art Shanty post office yet? Why don't you do that right now!

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