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Thomas Paquette Exhibit (2015)

Readers of this blog will know that I love the work of artist Thomas Paquette. He makes the most amazing oil paintings (which are large) and the most incredible gouache landscapes (which are small and glorious.) Recently my friend Diane sent me news about his current exhibit "touching on water: Paintings by Thomas Paquette" at […]

Ellen Heck at the Groveland Annex

See the full post for details.

Groveland Gallery Shows Thomas Paquette Paintings in Their Annex

The post gives details about this show that’s up NOW!

Sketchbook and Journal Fascimiles and Collections: Summer (or anytime) Reading

The following is a list of books which present artists’ sketchbooks and visual journals in a facsimile edition or collection and gallery format. I love reading (and viewing) this type of book because they give us an intimate look into the way an artist’s mind works. Whether you have kept sketchbooks and visual journals your […]


Profile: Thomas Paquette’s Gouache Landscapes.

Cherry Valley Creek, ©2003 Thomas Paquette (used with permission). Look at the shadows criss-crossing this creek. Anyone who has ever taken a walk in the woods during late fall or a dry winter has seen this light. All this sense of space and light is captured in a painting 1-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches!

Whoever suggested to oil painter Thomas Paquette that he work in gouache is a friend to us all. Now we have an absolutely essential book of his gouache paintings available: Thomas Paquette: Gouaches, 2007, Eyeful Press.

Paquette is a landscape painter who typically works on large canvases (80 x 60 inches for example). According to the introductory essay in his book of gouache paintings, his helpful friend made the suggestion to use gouache to free Paquette “from his habit of overpainting.”  You can read Paquette’s artist statement and understand that the searching and developing he does in his oils has become an integral part of his approach to gouache. (Once you have entered his website look under “artwork” for gouache paintings to view several examples.)

What Paquette creates are enticing, balanced, glowing images which don’t look overworked or fussed over at all. They look rich, filled with light, and are composed in such an eye-pleasing way that the viewer can’t help but want to wander around inside them.

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