Ellen Heck at the Groveland Annex

April 16, 2014

There's still  time (through April 19, 2014) to see the lovely prints of Ellen Heck. In particular there is a series of children's portraits based on "Alice in Wonderland" that are delightful, engaging, and thought provoking. She has an eye for a child's form and proportion and indiosyncratic stance.

While you can see the images from this series if you page through the gallery at the Groveland's site, you'll miss the subtle details of Heck's use of woodcut and drypoint. And you'll miss the impact of seeing the Alice series displayed together on a single wall. You really need to get over there and see it.

While you're there enjoy the marvelous, large landscape pastels of Denice Presnell-Weidner. Her impressionistic handling of color helps her pastel paintings leap off the walls with a super reality familiar to anyone who has ever spent anytime walking about in fields with a dog, or spent a day in the country. (The main gallery show also ends on the 19th.)

And if you're a fan of Thomas Paquette there is a new book of his paintings commemorating the 50th anniversary of the wilderness act. A lovely book to take home and savor in your armchair.

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    I love this post. When I went to the link I thought: that gall looks so much like Cathy Heck..” an artist and designer I worked with when I did textile work. AND INDEED, it appears Cathy is her mother. Incredible talent runs in the family. Cathy is a marvelous designer and illustrator. GOOD GOING HECKS: ART IT UP!

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    Cool Ellen. I didn’t know that her mother was an artist as well. I wish you could see this series on the wall it’s really quite something.

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