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Project Art for Nature Group Show

See the full post for details.

On the Edge: A PAN Exhibition at River Falls Public Library

Read the post for details about this show.


Profile: Diane Wesman, Landscape Artist


Above: August Eve, pastel on paper, 12 x 6 inches (approximate) ©Diane Wesman

The top 4 reasons everyone should have a landscape painter for a friend:

1. While you are busy painting rocks and insects they take in the big picture—they literally can see the forest for the trees.
2. They are always willing to brave the elements  and insects to sketch out with you. (See item 1 above for additional aspects of this willingness.)
3. On a road trip they will sketch while you drive, providing a delightful recap of the scenery of your journey.
4. When you give them a handmade journal (even it if has destressingly intense yellow pages) they fill it up with wondrous stuff.

I am fortunate that landscape artist Diane Wesman is a friend, for the above four reasons and a whole lot more. Read more about her art and an upcoming show of her work…


Profile: Richard Crammer


Right: Green Heron, ©Richard Crammer, graphite and watercolor on paper.

My friend, artist Richard Crammer died Thursday morning. (He turned 56 on Monday.) On February 5, 2007 he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. His left leg was amputated and he underwent a series of chemo treatments which were unsuccessful. 

I want to take a moment to share a couple thoughts about Richard and the gratitude I have towards him. His life and talent need to be celebrated and remembered.

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