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The Seven Masters Exhibit at the Mia

Above: Detail of Hashiguchi Goyō’s woodblock print, Rain at Yabakei, from 1918 as seen on the Mia's website. Click on the image or the website line to view an enlargement. So what is it that you see when you look at the above detail from Hashiguchi Goyō’s woodblock print, Rain at Yabakei, from 1918? It’s a […]

Edo Pop at the Minneapolis Art Institute

See the complete post for details and my obvious devotion to the printing process.

MetroSketchers Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the MIA

See the post for complete details.


The Art of the Native Americans—The Thaw Collection

Details in the post on this—go see it.


An Afternoon at the “Foot in the Door” Exhibit

I go to the “Foot in the Door Exhibit.”


Behind the Scenes at MIA’s “Foot In the Door Show”

Behind the scenes at Foot in the Door.

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