Behind the Scenes at MIA’s “Foot In the Door Show”

February 14, 2010

Behind the scenes at Foot in the Door.

Above: A peek as they put the show together. This photo is from artsmia at twitter. Go and see more.

Jean Shannon sent me this great link to behind the scenes at the Foot in the Door Show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I wrote about dropping my piece off at the show here. Go check out the fun photos Jean found. I am assuming "artsmia" is someone at MIA, but I don't know. It will give you an idea of how every square foot of area will be covered with art! I'll write more about this show after the opening. (Thanks Jean, this is so fun to see!)

  1. Reply

    OOh! Thanks for posting this info, Roz. I am so looking forward to the opening on Thursday, and the sneak peeks of the hanging of the show are such a great teaser!

    • Roz
    • February 15, 2010

    Briana, I’m wondering how they are going to handle the crowd!

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