The Art of the Native Americans—The Thaw Collection

November 13, 2010

Details in the post on this—go see it.

09_mia348_Thaw12_HorseMask Left: Cermonial horse head cover that is on display at the Institute. Image ©Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Friday I went to see this show at the MIA with my friend Tom. It's up until January 9, 2011. You need to go and see this show.

The artworks are stunning. There is beading, weaving, basketry, clothing, carved bowls, masks, so many items I can't even begin to describe them all. One of the docents walked by with a group and in an exasperated voice said "There are over 100 objects [I don't know if she meant in total or in that area] and I can't stop and explain them all, so we're moving along," which I thought was a bit attitudinal in a funny way, but who knows how many tours she is doing each day! You get the idea, there is a ton of stuff to view.

Go when your eyes are fresh and you can really look closely at the pieces to see the fine craftsmanship and artistry that went into them.

There are also large TV Screens throughout the exhibit where various short films play: one is a dancer showing his traditional and modern work, others are interviews of various artists discussing their work and the spiritual connection to it and their heritage. (We couldn't listen to one because the volume was very low and that same docent was standing there talking to her group, but all the ones we watched were moving and well worth it.)

(Note: this is a ticketed exhibit, but free to members.)

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