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Join Me and Three Artistic Friends for Art-a-Whirl 2015

Dean Koutsky, Linda Koutsky, Marcia McEachron, and I will be showing our work in Linda's 100-year-old service station gallery for Art-a-Whirl this year. The gallery is located behind the main house at 715 Main Street NE, in Minneapolis (55413). Park on Main Street and walk up the drive way to the gallery.   There will be […]


Art-A-Whirl Is This Weekend: Two Artists I Enjoyed

See the full post for details.

Artist Highlights for Art-A-Whirl 2011

See the full post for names, times, and locations.


Marcia McEachron: Toys from the Attic

Marcia McEachron has a new show up and two classes offered.

Thirteen Artists…13 Viewpoints

Upcoming show at the California Building.


Holiday Shopping Ideas

Holiday shopping suggestions.

Marcia McEachron’s Studio Moving Sale

Twin Cities artist Marcia McEachron is having a studio moving sale on Saturday, August 8 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The sale will take place in her current studio: #303 in the California Building, 2205 California Street NE, Minneapolis. You can call Marcia at 612-860-6881. Her new studio will be located on another floor […]


Fluid Lines, Fluid Creativity


Above: Silhouettes cut from paper, ©Marcia McEachron, sculptor and painter. I collected these scraps and pasted them in my journal as a keepsake. Look at the fluidity of line. Enjoy the way the essence of each animal is captured with a simplicity and minimum of detail. Click on the image to see an enlargement. (Note that the text has been blurred for privacy.)

I do a lot of things in my visual journal: I draw, write, paint, make notes, put in a reference photo or two now and then. I also save things, things that are ephemeral and sure to go missing if I don't put them in my journal. Things that mean something to me and remind me about the amazing things I see and participate in during my daily life.


Out and About on Saturday: On the Way to the Winter Book


Left: some of the flat (or flatish) polished rocks I picked up yesterday at the rock show: $3 buys a lot of beauty.

On the heels of one in-town road trip I went on another Saturday with my friend Linda. We went to our friend Marcia's for a gallery sale she was having. (Besides checking out those two links to Marcia's work check out the Continuum Pinecone Sculpture. I hope to do a profile on Marcia in the new year.)

I had only found out about the open-house the day before. I'm going to make a point of learning about her next one in advance so I can give Twin Cities readers of my blog a heads up. Marcia, besides making metal sculptures makes wire sculptures that are charming and affordable for all budgets. Her watercolors are also delightful in their loose yet descriptive approach.

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