Out and About on Saturday: On the Way to the Winter Book

December 15, 2008


Left: some of the flat (or flatish) polished rocks I picked up yesterday at the rock show: $3 buys a lot of beauty.

On the heels of one in-town road trip I went on another Saturday with my friend Linda. We went to our friend Marcia's for a gallery sale she was having. (Besides checking out those two links to Marcia's work check out the Continuum Pinecone Sculpture. I hope to do a profile on Marcia in the new year.)

I had only found out about the open-house the day before. I'm going to make a point of learning about her next one in advance so I can give Twin Cities readers of my blog a heads up. Marcia, besides making metal sculptures makes wire sculptures that are charming and affordable for all budgets. Her watercolors are also delightful in their loose yet descriptive approach.

After Marcia's we ran out to a rock and gem show in Hopkins. Linda has recently joined various rock groups and has met many of the vendors. It was a small show but I still didn't get through it because they closed at 4:30 (we thought the show ran until 5 p.m.) I did, however, learn several new rock facts and I snapped up some petrified wood I hope to make into jewelry, as well as the bag of beauty pictured above.

I find rocks fascinating because of the textures, colors, and translucency or opacity. I also love the heft of them, the  whole tactile thing. Even if I don't get around to working out how to incorporate these rocks into jewelry I know that I'll enjoy picking them up and looking at them for years to come. (I have a wooden tray of rocks out on one of my cabinet tops.)

Right: At Black Sheep Pizza again, this time with a "lump of coal" chocolate! What better way to end a meal of coal-fired pizza. (Sorry the image is a little out of focus!)

After a brief run of errands (Linda needed some bags of coffee) we ended up at what is turning out to be one of my favorite restaurants: Black Sheep Pizza. (I wrote about it on November 10.)

Linda knew we would be coming here and knows I don't like their only dessert, an ice cream sandwich which is not like the ones I make, so she brought these chocolate treats: "lump of coal." The owner had just stepped over to say hi when Linda gave me mine. He went to show his wife. They got a big kick out of them. I don't know if they'll be selling them there, but Linda found hers at a Kowalski's in case you want to go searching for that little something to give that naughty person on your list!

Our last stop of the day was Minnesota Center for Book Arts, to check out the Winter Book. Each year MCBA selects a work to create in multiple editions (a chapbook, standard, and deluxe edition). The book is always a stunning example of book arts and printing. If you love books I encourage you to check out their site, and visit in person if you're nearby. If you are looking for a place to start collecting fine editions or if you want to support book artists who are producing the highest quality of work any of MCBA's Winter Books would be a great place to start.

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    I’m a stone girl and these are glorious! All local stones?

    • Roz
    • December 18, 2008

    Alas Joanie, these are NOT local. They are almost all forms of jade and then I’m forgetting what the clear ones are, agate? I have to look everything up. The vendor told me and I didn’t note it down, thinking, oh I can remember that!

    I prefer local stones in general (especially since we have so many great ones in MN and I love painting them), but I also like to support local vendors and there was literally no more time to shop so $3 seemed an easy compromise!

    I’ll do something fun with them I think, even if I just put them in the stone tray! They look like little landscapes!


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