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Second Snow Pile of the Winter (2012-13)

See the full post for details.


Last Week’s Snow Storm and My First Snow Pile Sketch of the 2012-13 Winter

See the post for details.


Collage and Sketching: A Look inside a Recent Journal—Wrap Up

This post wraps up a look at Adjusting along with tips on how to work in a book like this.


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—Concluded

Final experiments on Stonehenge.


Penguin Study on Blue Magnani Pescia

More Stabilo Tone sketching.


Where in the World Is Roz?

A simple pop quiz.


Another View of the Toucan

One more Stabilo Tone Toucan


It’s All Happening at the Zoo

I make a one-hour sketch stop at the Como Zoo.


Blue Paper—What a Treat

Working on Magnani Pecia.

Paper: What Do Visual Journalers Want?—Part 2

This post continues yesterday's discussion of paper from a visual journaler's perspective.

Some Paper Recommendations

Below are some papers that we discussed as a group at November's meeting of the MCBA Visual Journaling Collective. I have provided my thoughts about them. Because these are my thoughts I encourage you to try the papers yourself before you dismiss them or before you make a bulk purchase. (You might want to buy sample packs as suggested in part one of this topic.) I’ve tried to be accurate in my info, but always double check before you buy. (Note that I couldn't find a way to make a superscript 2 for the weight fraction: gm/m2—the 2 should be a superscript. When I do it with Typepad's text controls the leading between my lines is messed up and that's a greater evil. Just read and imagine a superscript; you can do it.)

If a paper is readily available I have not listed a vendor. You should be able to find it at Daniel Smith, Wet Paint, Talas, Jerry's Artarama, Cheap Joe's, and so on. If I only know of one vendor I have provided a link. Also if I've been able to quickly think of an example from one of my journals that is already scanned and on my website I've provided a link to a journal page using that paper, so click and see some extra work.)

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