Second Snow Pile of the Winter (2012-13)

December 18, 2012

Above: Page from my current journal which I made with Magnani Pescia (BLUE). It's about 8 inches square. I was out on errands with Dick and didn't have it with me so I borrowed paper and pen from him. See the thin strip at the far right, on the blue paper, which shows how the values needed to be rendered, if I'd had appropriate paper and ink. That's my favorite bit of the entire page.

I started a new category on the blog today: Snow Piles. I'll try to remember to link the first snow pile of 2012-13 which I posted the other day, there too. But previous years' snow piles will have to be located through keyword search in the blog's search engine.

I think the caption pretty much says all I need to say about the above piece. The small value strip on the right was sketched with a 0.1 Staedtler Pigment Liner which is great fun to use on the Pescia.

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    love the journal page! no snow piles here in Ohio though…guess I’ll have to do ‘leafless trees’ instead.

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    Leafless trees are the perfect substitute Dianne, if there are no snow piles. You can do all sorts of odd angles and configurations. Have great fun! Thanks for reading.

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    Damn, that’s a good snow pile sketch, Roz. I’ll have to do one now.

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    Thanks Ken, it is a super pile of the type you were always finding. I’m sure you have a bunch of these around where you live now. Or maybe they lug all the snow far away? I look forward to seeing what snow piles you discover!

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