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Isn’t She Lovely

Left: Wild Turkey hens in my backyard! A sketch of one of them as she stood in my neighbor’s driveway. Nexus pen that was almost out of ink. The hen I drew had such a lovely line to her head. Her eye slightly bulging from the almost feather-free face.
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So yesterday I needed to go to the zoo for some research and that didn’t happen. Today I was hoping to get to the zoo but I didn’t get all my work done and was taking a break to run errands, a bit out of sorts that I couldn’t go to the zoo. As I stepped out of the porch door I surveyed the yard and as I pushed the screen door shut movement caught my eye. There just outside of the fence (chain link) between the fence and the hedge which shelters us from the heavy traffic were two turkey hens!

I live in Minneapolis folks. In the City! Right by the University. Don’t you love it? We have wild Turkeys. Ben Franklin’s favorite bird.

I couldn’t breathe. I’ve seen them in our area once before, but that was two blocks away on River Road. It made sense as they had jumped the River Road wall and were having a bit of a look see, but staying close to the wild.

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