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Creative Expectations, Creative Execution, Creative Learning: Lauren Lim’s Instant Photo Documentary

In “Instant: A Short Documentary” Lauren Lim sets out to photograph people on the street, and give them the resultant photo.   In the process she learns about her own expectations, her own discomfort, and more about what photography means to her and the people she meets. My blog is full of posts on creativity and […]


Date That Photo

Above: Read today's post for thoughts about the above photo of me and Dick. Click on the photo to see an enlargement. Everyone seems to be posting “Throwback Thursday” stuff on Facebook all the time. I don’t know how that got started or how it really works (if it's linked to some trigger). But I […]

Ayam Serama Chickens—A New Book, and a Short Video

See the full post for details.


Mary Jo Hoffman at the February Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

See the blog for details.

Maddie the Dog Is Coming to Subtext Books July 28, 2013

See the full post for all the details I know right now and I’ll share more when I find out more.


Last Week’s Snow Storm and My First Snow Pile Sketch of the 2012-13 Winter

See the post for details.


I Live in the Best Place in the World

See the full post for details.


For Folks Who Can’t Come to the Minnesota State Fair…

See the post for complete details.

Leisure Reading for the Weekend

See the post for full details.


A Peek at a Younger Roz

See the post for full details.

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