For Folks Who Can’t Come to the Minnesota State Fair…

August 26, 2012

See the post for complete details.

The Minnesota State Fair is on right now, and continues through Labor Day. (On Tuesday, August 28, 2012 we'll be having the Fourth Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.)

If you can't get to the Fair I thought I'd give you a little taste of what you would see. I have a new camera that has a panoramic "mode."  You can get some interesting things. I took these today handheld.

One of the things that will be immediately apparent—the crowd of people. However I hope you'll take a moment and look at these and enjoy the architecture. I rarely draw scenes or buildings at the Fair because I'm too busy drawing the animals—I want to make the most of my access to them. (OK, and I don't really draw buildings much anyway—if there weren't animals to draw I might work on my buildings.)

Above: A look at a portion of the swine barn. This is the northwest corner of the building, looking 180 degrees. Sheep and goats are in this part of the building. Look at the kid in the tie dye shirt and paper hat at the bottom left. By the time I got around to the end of the shot he was walking down the row perpendicular to my starting point.

Above: Inside the Cattle Barn. Look at the ceiling and the tall windows on the sides.

Above: Another view inside the Cattle Barn. This time I stood in the center aisle and started at the left, which is the northwest corner and panned so you could see the windows, fans in the roof, banners, and of course the other end of the building with the high entrance.

Above: Here I am on the corner near the Grandstand (center right). People everywhere here stop to eat corn (the roasted corn stand is to the left). There are a bunch of roads and walkways that meet here and take people off in different directions. It looks like there is a lot of space between people, but it was jam pack crowded today!

Above: I'm walking out of the Fair and I do this by walking down towards the Midway (where all the games and rides are—I don't do games and rides). (No I won't tell you where my secret parking place is.) It's about 2:50 p.m. in this image.   

    • Caroline
    • August 28, 2012

    Now I’m lusting after a new toy! This is much grander than our Royal Show but I bet the atmosphere, the smells, and the sounds are just about the same! Nothing quite like it, whether its a State show or a little country town show! What a wonderful sensory overload!

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    Dianne, the drive from Ohio would be a bit much. We did have a woman come up from Chicago to join us. That was fun. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog posts and I hope you keep sketching and working at it and enjoy the type you spend observing! (If you’re near a Fair in Ohio think about going with a couple friends to sketch.)

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    I went to the Royal Show in Melbourne ages ago and was quite impressed by things Caroline. And of course all the grandness you see in the photos is after all a barn filled with poop! But it’s also filled with the most incredible animals and people. And the architecture is fantastically fun. It is definitely a sensory overload.

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