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I Am Not An Easy Person To Live With And Here Is One Reason Why

  Left: 9 x 12 inch page from a wirebound Strathmore Visual Journal with 500 Series Mixed Media Paper. This page was covered with random strokes and solid blocks of color from pen-tip cleaning. (Sometimes my acrylic paint markers pick up some of my linework if I don't allow enough time for the ink to […]


Friends Matter: Adventures in T-shirt Aquisition


Left: My friend Diane models an XXXLarge (that's all they had left) "Got Bail" t-shirt from the local bonding company. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Everyone knows I love t-shirts so it was no surprise yesterday morning when my friend Diane called to suggest a run down to Goldberg Bonding Company for a free t-shirt. (Note their card says Goldberg Bonding Company and their website says Goldberg Bail Bonds, so they need to get organized on their public face.)

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