I Am Not An Easy Person To Live With And Here Is One Reason Why

October 3, 2014


141001_C_DickT-shirtBRLeft: 9 x 12 inch page from a wirebound Strathmore Visual Journal with 500 Series Mixed Media Paper. This page was covered with random strokes and solid blocks of color from pen-tip cleaning. (Sometimes my acrylic paint markers pick up some of my linework if I don't allow enough time for the ink to dry. And of course I want to clean the marker tips off so I rub them on a sheet of paper, in this case, the next page of the journal.) Pentel fine-tipped brush pen with dye-based, watersoluble ink (my pigment one had just emptied) and Montana Markers (15 and 30 mm widths) with acrylic paint and a 30mm white Poster Paint Sharpie which leaked HORRIBLY. I added some QOR Watercolor (Indanthrene blue) for shadows as it was out for testing.

Dick works hard, does a hard workout everyday, and he takes care of a lot of people. When it's time for bed he likes to go to bed. But my system is all screwy these days and around about 9:30 or 10 I get a second wind that finds me sketching and sketching and sketching.

The other night Dick came in and sat down and watched me sketch for a while. Chatting now and then. I just wasn't tired so I kept sketching and he stood up to hover over me and give me a kiss on the top of the head. (He's so good at this he doesn't even disturb me when I'm painting.)

R: Stop, take a step back.

Dick complied.

R: Silly horizontal stripes on those boxers.

D: They're comfortable.

How can you argue with that? I choose my own clothing for the same reason.

R: Don't move. I want to sketch you.

And I did. I sketched with a dye-based Pentel Brush pen because the pigment one had just emptied. (This caused problems of course when I laid in the color, dissolving some of the black lines, but I really didn't care. And I didn't want to keep Dick standing around too long while I went into another room to rummage for a new pen.) 

I filled the whole 9 x 12 inch page with what is in my view when I look straight ahead, not up.

I worked on a page that was covered all over at the top and right with the same sort of color patches and strokes of color you can see in the boxers on the right side. When I went in to cover up some of the t-shirt area with white poster paint the still-not-dry-acrylic paint blended in odd ways, but that gave some nice texture to the t-shirt.

Also Dick isn't orange. He is the palest pale you can imagine, taking care always to wear sunscreen, after a childhood standing by, and swimming in, pools without. But orange? When you have two pinks, a blue, a red, and a yellow, orange will do nicely. 

This might be my favorite sketch of Dick. Of course I'll do many more and I'll never know until the last one, but at least when I did this sketch I didn't have to cope with discovering a visual vocabulary for those eyebrows!

See I told you I was not an easy person…

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    This makes me miss you Roz- I so love this and it is so very you.

    • Donna
    • October 3, 2014

    I can relate to this Roz. I have a “David” book. It is a Strathmore hardbound journal that sits in a big bowl on our coffee table. Our two favorite chairs face each other with this table between. This is where we talk, cruise the net…..I have one more page left and then the entire sketchbook is nothing but drawings of my husband. I love it!

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    Thanks Terry. I think I feel a series coming on!

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    Donna, so glad to hear you have a whole book devoted to your husband. I have 43 volumes of sketches of Dottie, but Dick I only sketch now and then, in amongst my regular journal pages. It would be nice to have these all together, but I’ll just have to count on my index to help me find them.

    In December I start sketching him a lot because he’s on hand and I’m always practicing for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Portrait Party.

    Have fun with your final sketch in your dedicated book! I know you will always treasure that volume. Pick out another right away and get going on a new treasure!

    • jacki long
    • October 3, 2014

    Maybe one of my very favorites, Roz.
    I love all of your work, so that’s saying something!

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    Thank jacki—I’m glad you enjoyed this and I’m glad you like my work. I appreciate your comments when you chime in. I hope your sketching and art projects are all going well.

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    you have an understanding husband! it’s a good thing for those of us whose spouses tolerate our sudden urge to sketch them! mine did most of his ‘modeling’ when I had lots of homework sketches to do in college… sometimes now I catch him while he naps…

    • liannallama
    • October 3, 2014

    I love the story behind this. Research adrenal fatigue and see if you have those symptoms.

  6. Reply

    Liannallama I don’t have to do any research, I’ve been running on empty for the past 14 years so it’s the norm. But thanks for your concern! I’m glad you liked this post.

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