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Rooster Study—a Possible Project Friday

See the full post for details.


Ken Avidor on Toned Paper

See the full post for details.


Peguins, Acrylic Paint, and Handling Comments on the Blog

See the post for complete details.


Draw Something—Even if a Meeting (or Anything) Interrupts Your Plans

I have fun sketching even though I don’t get to see a puppy.


It’s Indoor Dog Park Time Again

Mark your calendar now for the monthly indoor dog park nights at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. The perfect sketching adventure.

The Weirdo Journal Completed

A look inside the completed weirdo journal I was discussing in October and November 2009.


Sketching and Collage—just ’cause

Above: a page spread from my "weirdo journal" which I've been posting about the past few weeks. Read more about the sketching and collage below. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

If you viewed my short video of this journal when I was just starting it, you will have seen this page partially completed. Here's what happened in the building of this page:


Minnesota State Fair Prep—#9: Don’t Make the Fair about Work


Above: a practice wild turkey sketch from my journal (there is a flock along the road where I ride my bike in the  mornings—10, silly adolescent birds; I sketched this on my return). The journal is one I made using old Folio paper, which is delightful to work on in any medium. The sketch is made with Stabilo Tones. I’m still seeking that softer look and experimenting. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The other day a friend called me and said she probably wasn’t going to go to the Fair. Of course I gasped. She is also self-employed, and as is true for all self-employed people, she has to work when the work is there and when the work isn’t there she has to work at bringing the work in. But there is also a point where everyone has to have a life, and everyone has to find that point for themselves. (And I’m all about bossing my friends to that point of discovery.)


Drawing Dogs at Wet Paint for Paws on Grand


Above: Bailey the Cockapoo sat still and was a perfect first model. I remembered to take a photo of the sketch when I finished. 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of Stonehenge with Stabilo Tone used dry. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (Shadows from the tent and the trees.)

Three and a half hours of sketching dogs, what a blast. They were all well-behaved—if squirmy!

This afternoon, to participate in Paws on Grand in St. Paul, Wet Paint set up a tent where Liz and Tim (both employees of WP) and me (honorary docent, long story) drew dogs that stopped by. The pet portraits were free. Bailey's mom showed up a couple minutes before noon so I got to sketch in relative quiet, compared to the explosion that started at noon and continued beyond. We were typically 3 or 4 people deep (all around us, and all with dogs). I only just found out a few moments ago, when processing the digital photos I took, that my friend Pam was standing there in the crowd! Hi Pam!


Keeping More than One Journal at a Time?


Above: practice sketch using Stabilo Tone (one of the gray pencils) in a Kunst & Papier soft-covered sketchbook. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Paws on Grand is this coming Sunday and I wanted to get in a little dog-drawing practice (since I don't have a live-in life model any longer). But I also was wondering what medium I would use and what paper. So I got out the Kunst & Papier soft-covered sketchbook I tested and reviewed in June (item D in the photo of that post).

It's a nice size page (8.25 x 11-5/8 inches). Since I have all that page space and have been writing about and using Stabilo Tones I got some of the gray ones out and started sketching dogs on "Dog Whisper." (Man I miss having a dog around the house!) I did 12 drawings in an hour and 20 minutes, with the drawings taking about 5 to 7 minutes each and some down time in between each sketch.

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