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Staedtler Pigment Liner on a 3M Post-it Note™, collaged with painted paper, and expanded. A Piecemeal portrait.

In Context: A Piecemeal Portrait of a Dog

Sometimes when I don’t like the paper in a journal I’m working in (here a Zeta Smooth, heavyweight journal from Stillman & Birn) I will sketch on Post-it Notes™ Sometimes I save those bits of paper and make a piecemeal portrait. (See the category list for additional piecemeal portraits.) See my four part review on […]

Quick pen sketch that I started on a legal pad (lined yellow paper) and then decided that I wanted to shade and fiddle around with.

Using Little Bits of Paper

I write about using little bits of paper every so often. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I have another post on this coming up later this month. Here’s a sketch I started on a yellow legal pad. I was trying to decide if I would sketch or paint, and I wanted to […]

A Little Bit of Spring from Noel B. Pugh and Cheong Ah Huwang

See the full post for details.


Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Sort of—a Variation

See the post for complete details.


More Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink

See the post for continued comments.


Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Drawing Birds and Animals from Life—Yet Another Look

Above: Staedtler Pigment Liner .3 on defunct drawing paper in an 8 x 8 inch journal I made. Light washes of gouache added to the bottom sketch. Click on the image and view an enlargement. Since I began my series on "direct sketching with pen and ink" last week I have received a number of […]


Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Drawing Birds and Animals from Life—Another Look

See the full post for details and another drawing from the March 6 Como Zoo trip.


Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Just Jump into the Deep End of the Swimming Pool

The full post is about my thoughts on sketching directly with pen and ink (without using pencil first).

Marty Harris Packs His Moleskine with 1,450 Pounds

See the post for links to Marty’s Fair sketches and other great sketches from the Fair by a variety of artists.


First Page Spread in My International Fake Journal Month Journal


Above: The first page spread in my fake journal, started April 1, 2009 (my persona writes the date Year-Month-Date). Click on the image for an enlargement.

This week has been exhausting but interesting. I had to juggle a lot of things. One of those things was the start of IFJM, the other was jury duty. I'll be posting about the later sometime soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to post the opening  spread to my IFJM journal to give people an idea of the approach I'm taking.

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