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Protected: Change Up Your Tools to Discover New Mark Making Possibilities

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A Different Squash, but Still Gutenberg Paper

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Painting Your Journal’s Covers and Other Types of Cover Decoration

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Productivity: J. M. W. Turner


Above: John Mallord William Turner's 1840 oil painting: Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon Coming On).

Today "my shoes feel funny" (read on to understand that) and I am going to be running around all day, so I have pulled up a small piece I wrote for my students in February 2007 on my now defunct update list and made some additions. Any time is a good time to think about our own productivity, but I find it particularly helpful to do so when it is cold outside and as a year draws to an end. What are my goals for next year? What is my assessment of this year's goals and my productivity? How can I tweak my process?

I've been reading about Turner (British painter born in 1775, loose watercolors, man Ruskin turned into a household word, that Turner, Joseph Mallord William Turner, who died in 1851).


Profile: Diane Wesman, Landscape Artist


Above: August Eve, pastel on paper, 12 x 6 inches (approximate) ©Diane Wesman

The top 4 reasons everyone should have a landscape painter for a friend:

1. While you are busy painting rocks and insects they take in the big picture—they literally can see the forest for the trees.
2. They are always willing to brave the elements  and insects to sketch out with you. (See item 1 above for additional aspects of this willingness.)
3. On a road trip they will sketch while you drive, providing a delightful recap of the scenery of your journey.
4. When you give them a handmade journal (even it if has destressingly intense yellow pages) they fill it up with wondrous stuff.

I am fortunate that landscape artist Diane Wesman is a friend, for the above four reasons and a whole lot more. Read more about her art and an upcoming show of her work…

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