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More on Schmincke Pan Watercolors


Above: Another "chart" I made when testing Schmincke pan watercolors in December 2007. I'm mixing new selections with colors already on my palette. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

I thought it might be helpful for people to see the other types of tests I put watercolors through when making a selection for my palette, so I have included in this post two additional "charts." I put charts in quotation marks because I am not trying to make a formal, tidy, structured chart for the most part when I do these tests, I'm just interested in blending colors together and seeing what happens. A lot of artists I know take a much more orderly approach to these types of tests and put them into columns and boxes and apply a lot of order. While I love order probably more than the next person I'm happy to just get in there and mix. I think each artist has to do what is most useful to him. (My colored pencil charts are extremely orderly!)

Daniel Smith Watercolors at Wet Paint!

If you didn’t think I could keep a secret you were so, so wrong, but now there is very clear evidence that I can. I’ve known for two weeks that Wet Paint is going to carry Daniel Smith watercolors. I was asked not to mention it on my blog until the paint arrived and they were able to put it out in the store. I was told I could talk about it today. (I would give them a call first because they have been busy and hadn't had a chance to put the display out on Friday when I stopped by.)

The deal is that Wet Paint will now have 121 of the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. I've seen the list and the great standbys and must haves are on the list as well as many, many fun colors! All the quins you love will be there!

The other great news, the paints will be available at 40% of list for an introductory period that will last through February.

Insomnia: It Can Be Productive


Sometimes you just can't sleep. Maybe you did something you regret, maybe you were a bully as a child, or an avenging angel—you still get bad karma, that's what makes this a wonderful and complex world. Or maybe it's as simple as eating 4 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies right at bedtime. There are a million reasons you might not be sleeping, but that doesn't mean you can't do something fun and exhilarating, hey, you aren't sleeping anyway.

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