Daniel Smith Watercolors at Wet Paint!

December 27, 2008

If you didn’t think I could keep a secret you were so, so wrong, but now there is very clear evidence that I can. I’ve known for two weeks that Wet Paint is going to carry Daniel Smith watercolors. I was asked not to mention it on my blog until the paint arrived and they were able to put it out in the store. I was told I could talk about it today. (I would give them a call first because they have been busy and hadn't had a chance to put the display out on Friday when I stopped by.)

The deal is that Wet Paint will now have 121 of the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. I've seen the list and the great standbys and must haves are on the list as well as many, many fun colors! All the quins you love will be there!

The other great news, the paints will be available at 40% of list for an introductory period that will last through February.

Why is it so great to have these at Wet Paint? Well previously Daniel Smith Watercolors were only available mail order and sometimes you just can’t wait to get things mail order, or sometimes you just want one thing—not so many things that you can justify postage and handling cost.

Another reason this is a great thing is that Daniel Smith Watercolors are a fabulous paint. I’ve been using them for years and years, at least 10 years. I can’t even remember when I first started using them. I knew immediately I had found a paint I loved. The paints are pigment packed and they rewet well which means I can leave them out on the studio palette and come back later and use them and have them respond just as vibrantly as when they first came out of the tube. And I can fill up my pan palettes and take them out into the field with me (most of the watercolors I use in the field are Daniel Smith). The color range is phenomenal and the company has taken pains to create a quality, lightfast product. (I find that other brands of watercolor paint do not rewet well once they dry on the palette or in pans. There are a couple exceptions, Daniel Smith being one. M. Graham watercolors also rewet well.)

If you live in St. Paul and you haven’t tried these paints because you don’t buy paint mail order, now’s the time to run over to Wet Paint in St. Paul and bring some home.

    • pbeaubien
    • December 27, 2008

    Yeah! I am animal sitting for my daughter in St. Paul and have a Christmas gift certificate in my purse (unless the puppy ate that too!) from Wet Paint. Guess where I am going this morning?!!!!! After I go to the bank to see if “they ” will replace my shredded 20’s which are missing some parts (I’m not going to wait to look in the p____for them) I’m off to WP. You made my day! It looked grim there for a while! PJ

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