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Different Types of Brush Pens for Different Results

I write lots of posts about the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and the various squeezy barreled brush Pens that Pentel makes. The beauty of those pens is the real brush tip with synthetic hairs. These individual hairs allow you to get broken strokes that play up the texture of the paper and add an emotional […]


Fluid Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Left: Quick sketch made using a brush pen and left over gouache. Even better, scroll down into the post and click on the detail image. I’ve written about Fluid Watercolor paper before. You can get it in Easy-blocks, and in wire bound journals. It’s acid free and 140 lb. Since they introduced their new 100 […]


Fluid 100—An All Cotton Watercolor Paper

Left: Gouache painting on Fluid 100 cold press paper. A black actress who popped up in a TV show I was watching. I couldn't resist stopping to sketch her regal head. I think she was going to die in a few minutes in the story line, but I got interrupted and wasn't able to watch […]


More Mixed Media on Fluid Watercolor Paper

See the full post for details.


A Little More On Fluid Watercolor Paper

See the full post for details.


Fluid Watercolor Paper Easy Blocks

Details about this paper in the blog post.

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