Fluid Hot Press Watercolor Paper

October 26, 2015

151013-bluemanAltBRLeft: Quick sketch made using a brush pen and left over gouache. Even better, scroll down into the post and click on the detail image.

I’ve written about Fluid Watercolor paper before. You can get it in Easy-blocks, and in wire bound journals. It’s acid free and 140 lb.

Since they introduced their new 100 percent cotton paper, I am still using up the paper I had from sales. I’ll use the earlier paper (which is still available by the way), for studies and quick sketches. I’ll take it to life drawing.


Left: Detail from today's image, showing the waffle pattern found on this hot-press watercolor paper.

In general it’s a serviceable paper, but there’s a problem with the hot press version that has always bothered me. Today’s image captured that problem so successfully that I had to post about it.

Just look at the pattern that appears in painted areas of the face. This is a hot press paper. This shouldn’t be happening as far as I’m concerned. When I finish the hot press paper I have on hand, I’ll still use Fluid’s cold press paper (I don’t have the same issues with it). And I’ll finally get around to testing the 100 percent cotton version. But I won’t be buying more of this hot press paper. I have other economical papers that are hot press and fun to work on for studies and quick sketches. (Search my blog for discussions of Canson Montval, Canson Illustration, and Fabriano Ecological.) 

  1. I get that exact same pattern from my monologue soft sketchbook like this..

    You can clearly see the same pattern here..

    It is annoying.

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