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Chocolate, Chocolate (not a typo) Cake


Above: Cake One, Sunday, shared with friends (one of whom was having a birthday the day before mine). This is a "party cake." It is smaller than the normal sized cake, but it's good for about 8 people or so. We at this cake with vanilla Häagan Dazs. Click for an enlargement.

This week I celebrated my birthday several times with several friends. For me there is only one chocolate cake: Cafe Latté's Chocolate, Chocolate Cake. (Yes, Chocolate is repeated.) If you are having a celebration of any sort I recommend this cake. They have other lovely and delicious desserts which my friends eat, but this is all that I will eat there in the dessert way. They also offer excellent soups, salads, and sandwiches (the last are made with their own breads).

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