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Find a Button: Make Something

090819Necklace3Stone Left: Scan of a necklace made with waxed cotton, strung beads, a little bit of wire wrapping, and an antique button. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Even though it's Minnesota State Fair time not everyone can attend. (I can't attend today either.)

Well maybe you can have some fun making a little jewelry (which you can wear to the Fair when you can attend). Last week I was putting odds and ends away and found this neat antique button. (I have some friends that like to go shopping for antiques and when I go with them, since I'm not really interested in antiques, I always look for buttons and for old paper items—the latter because I love the way people solve graphics problems.)

I wanted to make something quick. I didn't want to take time to bead an entire necklace. Also I wanted the button to show at the front of the necklace. I found 3 left over flat stone beads. (Do you recognize the stone? If so write and identify it for me as I've lost my notes on it.)

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