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Drawing Dogs at Wet Paint for Paws on Grand


Above: Bailey the Cockapoo sat still and was a perfect first model. I remembered to take a photo of the sketch when I finished. 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of Stonehenge with Stabilo Tone used dry. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (Shadows from the tent and the trees.)

Three and a half hours of sketching dogs, what a blast. They were all well-behaved—if squirmy!

This afternoon, to participate in Paws on Grand in St. Paul, Wet Paint set up a tent where Liz and Tim (both employees of WP) and me (honorary docent, long story) drew dogs that stopped by. The pet portraits were free. Bailey's mom showed up a couple minutes before noon so I got to sketch in relative quiet, compared to the explosion that started at noon and continued beyond. We were typically 3 or 4 people deep (all around us, and all with dogs). I only just found out a few moments ago, when processing the digital photos I took, that my friend Pam was standing there in the crowd! Hi Pam!

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