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A Look at the Kilimanjaro Sketchbook from Cheap Joe’s

Readers of the blog will know that I did not take a Kilimanjaro Journal to the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. I finished using my tester journal at the end of 2015 and will repeat what I said in that initial post on the sketchbook—if you like cold press watercolor paper the Kilimanjaro paper is delightful. […]

Project Friday: Take a Free Class with Cathy (Kate) Johnson

See the post for details.

Another Quick Note on Stan Fellows

My friend Terry Garrett wrote to me today to talk about the book I mentioned yesterday—The Cuckoo's Haiku. Well he actually had gone to Stan Fellows' blog! I'm sure many other readers here did so also, but if you didn't, well I'm sorry I didn't put a link to his blog site (just one to […]

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