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Ephemera Collage Map


Above: Page spread from an “Ephemera” journal I kept for two weeks in February 2000. Size: 16 x 10 inches; rubberstamps, paper scraps, receipts, etc. (There’s a scanning artifact at the base of the image—the spread was scanned in two segments.) Click on the image to view an enlargement.

In yesterday’s post on collage I wrote about using collage in journals to create “something wholly new, abstract or concrete, which has meaning for you, even if its meaning lies only in the fun you had playing with those materials.”

But I also mentioned another aspect of journal collage: including bits of ephemera from your day. That’s what today’s post is about. In the above image I used bits of ephemera I picked up on my errands, along with scraps of decorative paper and rubber stamps, to create a map of my day.

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