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Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Right: William Shatner, TV and Movie Star, now host of his own interview show.

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of William Shatner (it’s not like he has to worry in a “Misery” kind of way, I said “huge” fan, not “number one fan”). For me Shatner will always be the only real captain of the Enterprise. I have even forgiven the Star Trek movie writers from departing from the series Bible. Kirk said he knew he would always “die alone,” and upon consideration the fact that he dies with Captain Picard at his side is in a perfectly existential way, exactly that. Being the captain of a starship is about making tough decisions, following hunches (having hunches in the first place) and taking action. It is not about building community and finding consensus. Captain Kirk. Yep. I’m an original series fan. And I will also admit to enjoying Shatner’s portrayal of Denny Crane on Boston Legal. But I digress…

Shatner has a new gig: interview show host! Shatner’s Raw Nerve can be see on the Biography Channel, Tuesday nights, 9 p.m. CST (Two 30-minute episodes are typically run back to back; a new episode and a repeat.)

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