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Fabric Printing Part 3: Line Quality and Silkscreening at the Textile Center at the July MCBA Visual Journal Meeting.

Some dos and don’ts for making silkscreens with the Thermofax; and how to have custom screens made for you at the Textile Center.


More from The MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Foray into Silkscreening on Fabric

More on the fabric printing meeting on Monday.

The MCBA Visual Journal Goes Crazy on Fabric at Its July Meeting

A short video of what we were up to at last night’s meeting.

Silkscreening Your Journal Sketches on Fabric at the July Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective is having a printing on fabric workshop. Read the full post for details: new time, new place, and a small fee for this workshop.

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