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Detail of the eye area. Dry strokes of paint stumbled over the top of dry lower layers take texture from the paper and create a fun broken-color effect that helps mimic the texture on a chicken's face.

Everyone Needs a Side Project

A few weeks ago my friend Danny Gregory called me up to discuss my thoughts about projects. Most readers know my Daily Dots—daily drawings of my Alaskan Malamute bitch Dottie made the last 4 and a half years of her  life. But friends and students know that I’m always engaged in whatever the latest project […]


Another Look at Productivity

See the full post for details.


Eye Candy: Three Visual Journals from Wendy Hale Davis

See the full post for details.

Thoughts on Creativity and Curiosity with Wendy Hale Davis and Ricë Freeman Zachery

See the full post for details.


Ricë Freeman-Zachery Talks to Me About Finding Time for Making Art

Ricë Freeman-Zachery interviews me. We talk about finding time to make artwork. She has a new book on this topic out—I’m one of 14 artists she interviewed for the book.

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